Kodály Centre, Pécs

Kodály Centre, Pécs, Hungaryv2Competition venue:

Second round – 6-10. October 2017.
Final – 13-15. December 2017.
Gala concert – 16. December 2017.




Kodály Centre is the result of one of the most important and most spectacular investment of Pécs 2010 European Capital of Culture project. The concert hall almost immediately became one of the best and increasingly recognized music venues of Hungary and Central Europe.

The opportunities the facility has to offer are exceptional. Considering only the musical aspects: its acoustic design was made meticulously, applying 21-century technology, however, the multifunctional nature of the building was also taken into consideration making it ideal for housing classical and pop music programs, and almost every type of events, including ballet and choreographed performances, as well as operas featuring scenic elements.